Bespoke Picture Framing

Please visit our In-Frame Gallery and see our extensive range of mouldings.
Precious pieces are all those keepsake items that are priceless and precious to you, yet always seem to end up stashed in a draw or under the bed. They are the pieces you always say you’ll do something with one day!

We can frame your precious pieces:
•to any size and shape
•to incorporate multiple items
•with plaques, or text etchings on mount boards
•with one, or multiple acid-free mount boards, in various colours, tones, and textures
•with beautiful modern, ornate, or traditional frames
•with glass options, which provide varying degrees of protection
•using conservation framing materials and methods to ensure that your precious piece is preserved.

Whatever you need framing, no matter how large or small, we are sure to have a frame style to suit your needs. In-Frame Gallery has the largest selection of framing mouldings on the fylde coast. Below are just a few examples from our vast range of frames.